Mobile Home Moving Company News

A manufactured home can also be referred to as a mobile home and is manufactured in a factory. Mobile homes are built on a permanent trailer chassis allowing them to move. A mobile home is a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional housing. Following the standards of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to move a mobile home is not only difficult but also expensive. You need an experienced company like mobile home movers WV to do the job for you.

Mobile Home Moving Company News





Nowadays, these factors have an impact on the cost of moving a mobile home:

Mobile home moving costs vary depending on the condition, but some factors still impact the overall cost.

Moving Material

A mobile home move requires a lot more tools than moving to a house does. Tools like tires and hitches are of high value and should be discussed with your moving company prior to your move.

Moving Permits and Inspections 

Mobile homes must be moved between states, or even different provinces, depending upon their size. You may need permits for each territory that you will travel through. It is vital that you get all the permits necessary before the move in writing from your moving company. There are certain states that require old mobile homes to be inspected before entering a new state. Some states require a set-up permit before you can install a new mobile home. These permits make it easier to make sure the installation is up to code.

Weight of the Mobile Home

Weight is a major factor in determining the cost of moving a mobile home since heavier mobile homes cost more to move to a new location. More furniture will be needed to move a larger mobile home, which will add to the overall cost of moving.

Size of the Mobile Home

Also important to consider are the size and length of the mobile home. Smaller homes cost less to move than larger ones. For mobile homes too wide to move, you may have to pay an extra fee to get police protection and a temporary roadblock for your mobile home’s safe passage from certain roads.

Condition of the Mobile Home

The repair cost will go up if you have to do some immediate work on your mobile home before you move, because you will have to do everything before you move.

A mobile home move’s overall cost is determined by the above-mentioned factors as well as other similar factors. Labor, set-up services, moving materials, and multiple transportation fees are some of the common components. The moving costs of a mobile home depend on the size and weight of the home along with the distance to go when moving interstate or intra-county. Moving companies charge a minimum cost for local moves, no matter the distance to go.

Professional moving companies are highly recommended when moving a mobile home. These companies will help you in obtaining the necessary permits. Hiring a moving company will not only save your energy but will also save you a lot of time.