Mason’s Creating An International Buzz

Recently in the news is a story of a Toronto based contractor in commercial and residential masonry, creating quite the buzz with a new international marketing push. What, may you ask, is a masonry contractor in Toronto hoping to do internationally?

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As you know, in many Euro-Asian countries fine masonry work has been the standard for decades, even centuries. This Canadian company has been in the business for quite some time as well, and is now offering their expertise in areas such as Brickwork, Brick Repair, Brick Replacement, Brick Sealing, and Brick Cleaning…all on an international scale.

They are called Masonry Group Inc., and they are among the best masonry contractors Toronto has ever seen. If you have never been to Toronto, Canada, I can tell you one thing, it is cold. With temperatures similar to those found in other cold-weather climates like in Russia and northern Europe, they are set to put their expertise to the test.

Masonry Group Inc. understand that doing their job in cold climates creates a unique set of structural challenges that require extreme attention to detail. The temperature and climatic changes that brick must endure, from below-freezing temps at night in the winter, to in need of repairscorching hot baking in the sun during summer, means that only careful attention to detail and the highest standards will work. Anything less and bricks can crumble and walls collapse.

The Masonry Group Inc. is one of the most respected masonry contractors Toronto has. With projects in commercial and residential work, their expertise covers all situations.

Nothing enhances the warmth and appeal of a home than brick. Rich, dark red brick-work always creates that warm and fuzzy feeling that we desire during special family occasions and get-togethers. Families have been relying on the trusted and quality work from this masonry contractor in Toronto for years. Now, they are expanding their reach internationally.

Whether you are looking for the best, relying on a trusted and experienced contractor is a must. New brick looks great to revitalize a fading storefront or strengthen existing retaining walls. Their expertise and experience in installing new firewalls and elevator shafts has been tested according to some of the most demanding masonry contracting standards in Canada.

If you are looking for a way to increase the resell value of your existing structure, brick work is one of the most cost-effective options available. Many people spend unnecessarily on landscaping or expensive interior design, while the aesthetics and diversity of options available with masonry is usually less costly, and more noticeable to potential customers or buyers. Nothing enhances the beauty of a structure more fixed brickthan fine brick work.

Their expertise includes Bricks, Block, Stone Work, Restoration and Tuck Pointing. No project is too large and lots of customizations are available. The best in Toronto is now available in your town too.

Masonry Group Inc. should be the first call you make.